The film "The Chase" That female who did the nail for Mr.Roman indeed too stupid to teach like Chinese said "Show.Moon.Boot.Curse.Dyao.Yell"; too stupid bad ugly evil to know that Chinese said "Yan.10.True.Golf.Tool" to hold her tears not even dare to have the shameless to cry out. That how you know that Danny Lain must be a criminal instead of "Yan.10" when he showed his suck to hug me after that "那一記耳光" instead of ordering "Get out of here" to match that tough "Yan.Lead". That how parents cannot act like boss to demand their kids "Get out of here" unless they are married or proved not pure virgin any more that lose their right to be the kids of anyone any more. Mr.Roman looked like a mankind guy, because he left that stupid bad ugly evil "Sir.Gray" inside that wine cell, so that that "Sir.Gray" can have the freedom to choose how to die, to die under best wine love, to die most empty stomach light, or t 辦公室出租o die most horrible lie. That silent monster animal won't bother him if he just kept his voice down. You work for a boss, you lost your freedom to anything money can buy, you want to get your freedom back, you have to leave anything that money can buy behind you. That how that woman must have to starve to die inside her own place or leave every thing money can buy behind her just run to exchange her freedom back to the future. That Scott obviously showed too stupid bad ugly evil to see that light, no wonder he must have to meet his deadly ahead, too stupid bad ugly evil to know that man must have no way to rely on good luck to feed his stomach in full. If that woman see Mr.Roman as her husband that must have the duty to guard her best interest, she should tell her husband what she wants him to leave her alone, otherwise, she just 商務中心like a "What.Pink" that belongs to Mr.Roman that Scott must have no right to take away without let Mr.Roman know in the first place, woman cannot like that breakfast money to be taken away without discharge from her body guard watch first. You married to that woman, like or not you have to die for her; you don't want to die for her, you have to divorce her; or you have to wish her die before you die for her, then, you must not ever get in touch with any other woman again the rest of your life after you become widower, and because Mr.Roman is a mankind, therefore, he died before her so that he does not need to get in touch with any female nail maker that he must have no way to know that he must not be allowed to do like that after he became widower. Why Mr.Roman must not be allowed to let his wife go? Because not his personal business matters. She married w 宜蘭民宿ith his rich and bold, she must have to stay there until he betrays her with his rich and bold. That how Mr.Roman deserved to have that good luck to die young so that he can be able to keep more good remaining to come again. Mr. Roman is mankind(You just need to see how surprise that military doctor showed when he did not see Mrs.Roman presented on the restaurant table to figure out his mankind, he did not bring Mrs.Roman along with him that time, must because it was a heavy hearted business talk, not a business as usual meeting. What Mr.Roman missed was he did not know that he has to service that woman on the table as well as on the bed in order to help her to help him to do better, because woman has no way to see his heart without feeling his mankind service specially made to her personally.), that's why he know how to apprecitae the power of honesty, that how he can have the bra 會場佈置ve to replace the best suitable to take over anyone second to that best##Like Chinese said "Ren.Jean.7.Child"## that his most loyalty Chinese aide cannot have that good sense to see that fatal point, that how your ass kisser must not only unable be your friend, but also worse than your enemy, because when you cannot have the room to keep distance from your ass kisser you lose your hope to die on duty to become an honorable man. Why honesty matters? Because no matter what field you like to play, always the one who has the best power of honesty can climb to the toppest rank. This is why when your President lie, like or dislike, you must have to demand him to die, because it is only way you can show your like him to die to help him keep his honorable time, it is only way you can be his good enemy to help him to know what honesty means. A liar climb to your highest seat, he must have had already committe 票貼d unknown crimes to murdered unknown innocents to covered up his liar to get steps built up ladder to reached that highest, his co-president must be the master dark hand underground chained slavery the terrors so long. That how evil doer dare lawless Godless shamelessly committed whatever crimes he or she or they wanted like the English song you may have heard that sounding like "Listen to Your Hard" to make sure only good better best can have the chance to win him, her or them, so that the only thing he, she, they can meet is the most merciful way to leave that all good better best wish to get the same for themself. Therefore, you cannot have the good sense to see anyone can have the good will and good skill to kill anyone else under one good gun shot must be hero instead of criminal, you must not be qualified to be the leader of any group, not mention to have the shame to seat in any President House desk or table to read, 結婚 to write, to talk, or to eat. You are less evil, you lack of the good will and good strength, you must have no way to win any evil doer in any way. That how the evil doer only use the most merciful way to kill (That how come Scott<It looked that he did not see the point that Mr.Roman did that a woman must have to stay at her own place to deserve God bless her or both of them good luck; but Scott did see the point that I did not know that Mrs.Roman does have all her right to demand Scott to kill her husband to guard her free right. That may explain how he rather chose to run along with her.> that Mr. Roman's best driver running to get Mrs.Roman to run as their plot, even he foresighted that Mrs.Roman most likely to die under that shoot after that run away no matter Mr.Roman like or dislike to see her freedom of walk, because he knew that good skill shot among the most merciful way to die.)the good better best, any most horrible w 情趣用品ay that any good better best ever survived from dying, they would not be allowed to use to deal with any good better best, because if they did, themself must have to pass that deadly test first, or all their slaves must have to come under all good better best control, because the good better best dare die that crulty way, they all must have the right to kill anyone less good than anyone of the good better best self the way they dare take to die out; that how the way to killed on "Cross" banned, because Jesus Christ survived on that cruelty death penalty. Yes, I just sensed that Jesus Christ did not die on that Cross, he just looked like died, then he waken up from the painful consciouslessly to live like under dog, because his name already deleted out of the livable name listed. It was Jesus opened that grave stoned entrance to left that grave hole behind. How come Jesus could have that big muscle to opened that heavy stoned grave gate? Because the big muscle he show 酒店工作ed on the cross the last moment before he lost his consciousness showed you how powerful he grown up out of that painful tough lesson. Therefore, I realized how come USA keep pressed Iran to give up "Nuclear" weapon, must because that "NUclear" is an underground chained slavery secret code(They call it "NuClear" because it can clear you transparently like pure water, or you have to die the most miserable heart attack or most miserable collapsed lie on bed lasting unknown so long, or uncosciously live until no good remaining to make your jailed body to looked alive to die. I guess the only one survived in the between is former VP Cheney. I guess only one clear transparently to live lightly, then after many years must have to go through the second same test failed was ChiangKaiShek, because the second time he could not pass the painless to see me sucked into those werwolf gangsters darkest hell. ) to mean the "4.Ink.Yo.Goods" that I passed, because I passed that most miserable invisible 設計裝潢 "Won.Jane.Chwon.Sin", therefore, every USA public workers must have to demanded to pass that test whoever can have that good will and good skillful formula to give that test to anyone of them. Because public worker must not be allowed to use cold cold hard heartless to go through that test(0nly military member can have that privilege to go down that coldest, because anyone of them can have the affordable way to be killed under their admirer die hard tough love followers; public worker hearless evil doer can only die the most miserable sickness like the late former President Reagon showed.), therefore, Condi Rice abused her USA super power to do whatever it takes to press, threaten, scare, buy whatever force trying to force Iran to bend to their sucks. Because Condi Rice can only pass the cold cold hard heartless evilest dark, no way to pass the conscious heartily best light.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 燒烤  .
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